Mission Compass Schedule

For over 30 years, Galcom has partnered with pastors and missionaries worldwide to help them multiply their impact using radio.

The question was, why hasn’t Galcom used radio themselves to reach their local community with the Gospel?

Introducing the Mission Compass Radio Show, an exciting 30 min program with encouraging reports from around the world, challenges from God’s Word, and testimonies from people, just like you, who are using their unique skills and gifts to make an impact in their community. Each week, join Canadian Director, Tim Whitehead, and Galcom Co-Founders, Allan and Florrie McGuirl, as they share what God is doing through the ministry of Galcom International.


Listen Live


Sunday 12:30 PM AST

Sunday 12:30 PM AST

Sunday 12:30 PM AST

Sunday 8:30 AM AST

Sunday 12:30 AST

Saturday 5:00 PM EST

Sunday 4:00 PM EST

Sunday 8:30 AM EST

Saturday 6:00 PM EST

Saturday 4:00 PM EST

Sunday 10:00 PM MT

Sunday 2:30 PM MT


WDCX 99.5 FM- New York

Sunday 7:00 PM EST

WRMI  9955 kHz– Florida

Faith 93.9 FM- Florida

Saturday 1:30 PM EST

WPIL 91.7 FM- Alabama

Wednesday 12:00 PM CST

WDYD 100.9 FM- Wisconsin

Sunday 7:00 PM CST

KNEO 91.7 FM- Missouri

Sunday 9 AM CST

KCMH 91.5 FM- Arkansas

Saturday 11:30 AM CST

The Way KGPS 98.7 FM- Arizona

Sunday 2:30 PM MST

WAW Radio- California

Wednesday 2:00 AM & PM PST

KARI 550 AM- Washington

Sunday 3:30 PM GMT


Kingfisher FM 90- South Africa

Saturday 5:00 PM SAST