Mission Compass Schedule

For over 30 years, Galcom has partnered with pastors and missionaries worldwide to help them multiply their impact using radio.

The question was, why hasn’t Galcom used radio themselves to reach their local community with the Gospel?

Introducing the Mission Compass Radio Show, an exciting 30 min program with encouraging reports from around the world, challenges from God’s Word, and testimonies from people, just like you, who are using their unique skills and gifts to make an impact in their community. Each week, join Canadian Director, Tim Whitehead, and Galcom Co-Founders, Allan and Florrie McGuirl, as they share what God is doing through the ministry of Galcom International.


Listen Live


Harvesters FM CIOG 91.3- PEI

Sunday 12:30 PM AST

Harvesters FM CJLU 93.9- Halifax, NS

Sunday 12:30 PM AST

Joy FM 96.5- Fredericton, NB

Sunday 8:30 AM AST

Harvesters FM CITA 105.1- NB

Sunday 12:30 PM AST

CJRI 104.5 FM- Fredericton, NB

Sunday 12:30 AST

Faith FM 93.7- Kitchener

Saturday 5:00 PM EST

Arise 1380 AM- Brantford

Sunday 12:30 PM EST

KFM 93.7- Northern Ontario

Sunday 8:30 PM EST

Faith FM 99.9- London

Saturday 5:30 PM EST

HOPE FM 94.3- Woodstock

Saturday 4:00 PM EST

Three Hills 89.5 FM- AB

Sunday 8:00 PM MT

CHRB AM 1140- High River, AB

Sunday 2:30 PM MT

The Light AM 930- Edmonton, AB

Sunday 4:00 PM EST


WDCX 99.5 FM- New York

Sunday 7:00 PM EST

Evangelism Radio- Maryland

Saturday 6:00 PM EST

WJNJ Pure 103.7 FM/1320 AM- Florida

Saturday 8:00 AM EST

Faith 93.9 FM- Florida

Saturday 1:30 PM EST

WPIL 91.7 FM- Alabama

Wednesday 12:00 PM CST

WDYD 100.9 FM- Wisconsin

Sunday 7:00 PM CST

KNEO 91.7 FM- Missouri

Sunday 9 AM CST

KCMH 91.5 FM- Arkansas

Saturday 11:30 AM CST

The Way KGPS 98.7 FM- Arizona

Sunday 7:00 AM CST

WAW Radio- California

Wednesday 2:00 AM & PM PST


Kingfisher FM 90- South Africa

Saturday 5:00 PM SAST

Current Topics

Aired 09-25-21 Russell Bartlett and Philpott Memorial Church

Join Tim Whitehead this weekend when he speaks to Russell Bartlett, Pastor at Philpott Memorial Church, as they discuss how we can best respond to current world crises in a meaningful and Jesus-centered way.

Aired 09-18-21 Cal Bombay, Galcom and “Double Harvest”

Join Tim Whitehead and Cal Bombay this weekend as they discuss our partnership program, “Double Harvest.” Learn more about how you can be involved in this initiative, so that you can help South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. Why are there so many refugees in Uganda? What are their needs? Cal will answer these questions, so that together we may be able to feed both the bodies and souls of those who are living in underprivileged communities.

Aired 09-11-21 “Claudia”

Join Tim Whitehead this week when he speaks to “Claudia”, a missionary who worked in a closed country, as she shares what it means to be a believer in a country that doesn’t allow Christianity.

Aired 09-04-21 Mark Vanderkooi and TEAM

Join Tim Whitehead and Mark Vanderkooi, TEAM missionary in Chad, Africa as they discuss how Mark and his wife Diane have been ministering to the Kwong people group using radio, translating Scriptures, caring for children, and discipling and teaching pastors.

Aired 08-29-21 Dave Casement and Galcom International Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and field technician Dave Casement as they celebrate and discuss what God has done in Dave’s life and through his work at TWR and Galcom.

Aired 08-24-21 Kate Michel and Radio 4VEH

Join Tim Whitehead and Kate Michel, Marketing & Communications Director of Radio 4VEH, as they discuss relief measures for the August 22nd earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti. Join Galcom to send emergency radios that will communicate vital medical and aid information to those impacted by the earthquake.

Aired 08-14-21 Tim Walker and Ethnos

Join Tim Whitehead and Ethnos Missionary Tim Walker, as they discuss the importance of translating the Bible into the listener’s heart language, so that all may come to hear the good news of Jesus.