Galcom USA Office

Galcom International USA establishes local and international ministry partnerships for the distribution of radios and installation of radio stations, and coordinates a group of Volunteer Area representatives in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and New England to raise awareness and funds for the ministry. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer area representative, please contact the office for information.

Be sure to visit the Galcom USA Website for more information.

Please join us in supporting the following organizations that generously support the mission of Galcom International.


  • Tom Blackstone – Executive Director, President
  • Stacy Blackstone – Administrator, Secretary-Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Gary Nelson – Chairman
  • JoAnn Kent (Emeritus)
  • Allan McGuirl
  • Peter Maass
  • Lura Mineau
  • Bob Nelson
  • Susan Nelson
  • Chuck Pollak
  • Fritz Ruhe
  • Patty Walker