Think Big, Part 2

Country: South Sudan
Ministry: Every Village

Lawrence is from a village called Kozi in South Sudan, in range of Every Village’s radio station AKƆ’Ɔ FM. When the first radio distribution took place back in 2016, two radios made their way to the village of Kozi. This is a place known for heavy witchcraft, and Lawrence was deep into the dark arts. When he heard about the new radio station, he decided to go check it out for himself, and the staff gave him his very own radio. He painted a #3 on the side to identify what was now the third radio in his village. Lawrence’s heart started to change as he heard the Word going out over the radio; he turned away from witchcraft and started attending church. Lawrence wanted more people to hear this Good News – it wasn’t enough for just him to hear the word of God. He was able to puncture the speaker on the solar radio and rewire it to an old amp to increase the volume for groups of people in his village to hear. In the latest radio distribution, the people of Kozi were able to purchase 85 more radios. Now there are 88 radios in Kozi airing the Good News ̶ one with its very own amp!

Note: This story is from Every Village’s 2019 update to Galcom International. Every Village charges $1.50 per radio, or the price of half a chicken, to ensure the radios are given out in a culturally appropriate and contextualized way.