Help about the Galcom Streamer

Thank you for your interest in the Galcom Streamer. Here is what you may be looking for:

  • Help connectiong your Galcom Streamer. Watch this video:
  • Find and listen to one channel on Listen Live (only active streams will show up).
  • Learn about the Galcom Streamer device.
  • Find hints on how to publish your channel on Radio App.
  • Find the URL for a specific channel:
    – Go to Listen Live and click on the Listen Now button for the channel you are interrested in.
    – You will find the speciffic URL in the address bar. See green rectangle in the screenshot below.
  • Save the player locallay. See the green circle in the screenshot above for the desktop version.
    The same option exists on smart phones. Look for the option called “Install” or “Install app” or “Add to Home screen”.
    On the iPhone, hit the “Share” button and scroll down.

If you have questions, please send an email to tech <à> galcom <.> org