Every Village – Peace through radio in South Sudan

In 2015, 672 pastors attended a prayer conference at Every Village’s radio station in Aweil. Many walked or rode bikes from over 90 km away. The pastors were then responsible to deliver radios to their congregations. This has resulted in the formation of listening clubs and groups, where 10 to 20 people will gather around a radio to listen to the messages.

A government official in North Bahr El Ghazal state has remarked that where the pastors have distributed radios there is more unity and a decrease in violence, as the listeners submit to God’s commands for forgiveness and peace.

  • South Sudan is ranked 196th world-wise in population density and 80% live in rural areas
  • South Sudan has a population of just over 12 million, and a literacy rate of 27% (most mission groups estimate it is less than 10%)