Mission Compass Radio Show

Episode 112021- “Frank” and Voice of the Martyrs

Join Tim Whitehead and “Frank”, a Voice of the Martyrs missionary, as they discuss the challenges of getting into and sharing the Gospel in closed countries, where it is not accepted and even illegal to be a Christian. Frank professes his passion and belief in the power of prayer, sharing how he has seen God’s providence in his own life and in the life of other believers who risk their lives daily to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Episode 111321- Matt Dickson and Eggpreneur

Join Tim Whitehead and Matt Dickson, founder of Eggpreneur—an initiative that equips, trains, and supports women to start micro-enterprises in developing countries. Eggpreneur aims to use poultry farming techniques to eradicate child malnutrition while creating jobs and increasing household income for marginalized women in rural communities.

Episode 110621- Rev. Tom J. Smith and ITEM

Join Tim Whitehead and Reverend Tom J. Smith of International Theological Education Ministry, as they discuss how ITEM assists denominations and local churches, offering pastoral training at no cost to nationals. ITEM sends professors to teach at local institutions to equip pastors, teachers, laymen, and women to accomplish their God-given callings.

Episode 103021- David Elliott and GRN Canada

Join David Elliott, Canadian Director of Global Recordings Network, and Tim Whitehead as they discuss how GRN is reaching people who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ in a contextualized and culturally sensitive way.

Episode 102321- Gary Quequish and Dan Hatfield

Join Gary Quequish of the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Dan Hatfield of Nations One as they discuss with Tim Whitehead how God has been moving in partnership with Galcom International to share the Gospel in First Nations territories.

Episode 101621- Dan Reese and TWR Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and Dan Reese, TWR Canada Director, as they discuss the work of sharing the Gospel through radio!

Episode 100921- Dennis Weins and SAT-7

Join Tim Whitehead and Dennis Weins, Partner Ministry Director at SAT-7. Tune in and learn about SAT-7’s TV satellite ministry and their work in the Middle East, Central Asia, and with Muslim Populations. You’ll want to hear about what is going on in Afghanistan and the Taliban, and how this has affected the Christian community in this area.

Episode 100221- Greg Muir and Pioneers Bolivia

Join Tim Whitehead and Greg Muir, Pioneers Country Director for Bolivia, as they discuss some of the challenges of doing short-term missions trips during COVID.

Episode 092521- Russell Bartlett and Philpott Memorial Church

Join Tim Whitehead this weekend when he speaks to Russell Bartlett, Pastor at Philpott Memorial Church, as they discuss how we can best respond to current world crises in a meaningful and Jesus-centered way.

Episode 091821- Cal Bombay Part 2

Join Tim Whitehead and Cal Bombay this weekend as they discuss our partnership program, “Double Harvest.” Learn more about how you can be involved in this initiative, so that you can help South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda. Why are there so many refugees in Uganda? What are their needs? Cal will answer these questions, so that together we may be able to feed both the bodies and souls of those who are living in underprivileged communities.

Episode 091121- Claudia

Join Tim Whitehead this week when he speaks to “Claudia”, a missionary who worked in a closed country, as she shares what it means to be a believer in a country that doesn’t allow Christianity.

Episode 090421- Mark Vanderkooi and TEAM

Join Tim Whitehead and Mark Vanderkooi, TEAM missionary in Chad, Africa as they discuss how Mark and his wife Diane have been ministering to the Kwong people group using radio, translating Scriptures, caring for children, and discipling and teaching pastors.

Episode 082821- Dave Casement and Galcom Intl. Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and field technician Dave Casement as they celebrate and discuss what God has done in Dave’s life and through his work at TWR and Galcom

Episode 082421- Kate Michel and Radio 4VEH

Join Tim Whitehead and Kate Michel, Marketing & Communications Director of Radio 4VEH, as they discuss relief measures for the August 22nd earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti. Join Galcom to send emergency radios that will communicate vital medical and aid information to those impacted by the earthquake.

Episode 081421- Tim Walker and Ethnos

Join Tim Whitehead and Ethnos Missionary Tim Walker, as they discuss the importance of translating the Bible into the listener’s heart language, so that all may come to hear the good news of Jesus.

Episode 080721- Tom Stout and Spoken Worldwide

Join Tim Whitehead and Tom Stout, Director of Pastor Development Programs at Spoken Worldwide. Tune in as they discuss the practice of orality in unreached populations and the importance of reaching others in their heart language.

Episode 073121- Cal Bombay and Cal Bombay Ministries

Join Tim Whitehead and Cal Bombay of Cal Bombay Ministries as they discuss our partnership “Double Harvest” this coming fall.

Episode 072421- Gary Quequish and the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Part 2

Join Tim Whitehead and Gary Quequish, Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Missionary, as they continue to discuss how Gary encourages his people to move towards healing and hope through the Word of Jesus!

Episode 071721- Gary Quequish and the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and Gary Quequish as they discuss the work of Radio CJTL (Christ Jesus the Light), the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and their ongoing outreach to First Nations people.

Episode 071021- Günther Eichmann, Partner Relations Rep at Galcom Canada

Join Tim Whitehead and Gunther Eichmann, Partner Relations Representative at Galcom International, as they discuss the many ways anyone can serve in the Great Commission.

Episode 070321- Mark Sorell and Action Venture

Join Tim Whitehead and Mark Sorell, director of the Action Venture Program, a ministry that focuses on short-term mission trips. learn how they pivoted their outreach during covid and how you can be involved in the great commission!

Episode 062621- Storley Michel and Radio 4VEH

Join Tim Whitehead and Storly Michel, Director of Radio 4VEH in Haiti, as they discuss how they have used their ministry to reach, teach, and serve their community with the Gospel.

Episode 061921- John Franklin and Imago Arts

Join Tim Whitehead and John Franklin, Director of Imago Arts, a ministry that is committed to promoting unique artistic events within the Christian community.

Episode 061221- Barb Giraud and Jaja’s Home of Angels

Join Tim Whitehead and Barb Giraud of Jajaa’s Home of Angels, as they discuss how this ministry is meeting the need of children affected by poverty and ongoing violence in Uganda.

Episode 060521- Inna Tsaruk and Igor Sereda of FEBC Ukraine

Join Tim Whitehead and FEBC broadcasters, Inna Tsaruk & Igor Sereda, as they discuss how to reach your community with the Good News of Jesus using modern communication platforms such as TikTok!

Bonus Episode- Norm McCullum and The Incredible Forgiveness in Jesus

Listen in on a July 25, 2020, discussion with Norm McCullum, an Elder from Woodland Cree First Nations. Norm shares his testimony, calling, and wisdom with Tim Whitehead as they discuss inclusion, forgiveness, and unity with First Nations people in Canada.